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My 2024 Hobonichi Techo picks

This wretched year has almost come to an end and I've done my yearly shopping spree on the Hobonichi Store.
I grab a new planner and cover each year, alongside some goodies when the budget allows 🫠

My cover pick for this year is... the Tower of the Sun-inspired Golden Mask design!
I wanted to get the PAMM collab design first, but it was out of stock by the time I placed my order.

I think I like Golden Mask a bit more in the end though, it's rare to have a cover that flashy.
Other designs of note this year are the mint-accented Gingham and the stickerbombed yearly MOTHER 2 cover.

I grabbed a random FGO strap I got as a gift a while back to attach to the pen holder this year -- Mostly because the gold border matches the cover.
2023 v 2024 techos
One of the major differences this year is that there are two versions of the English Techo now; The usual one I've been using for a few years already now (Planner), and a 1-to-1 translation of the classic Japanese planner (Original).
It's a bit confusing saying it like that, but basically the only major difference is in the daily page layout...

And a 550 Yen price difference. Needless to say, I picked the Original this year.
I actually quite like that its page layout has premade checkmarks for to-do lists; That's a thing I often do with my daily pages to try and keep my brain organized, so it's a welcome extra.

Stationery-wise, I wanted to try out the stationery pouch they released last year... I like it a lot! Sure beats the old plastic box I was using to store my washi tapes and stamps.
I also grabbed those transparent speech bubble stickers. The adhesive feels super weak when you peel them off but it sticks surprisingly well to paper. Used a few of 'em for christmas cards!
Stappo stationery pouch and pretzel-powered bag of holding
This year's bonus item is a mini-tote bag you can fit the techo in -- Design is randomly picked out of four and I'm very glad to have gotten the objectively best design out of all of them. 🥨🥨🥨

I was tempted to get the bigass One Piece onomatopeia stamp since it's just fun to use huge stamps..
But I've never actually watched or read OP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯