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The 2020 LRR Hacktoberfest Bonanza

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Years
It's that time of the year again!

Hacktoberfest 2020 is starting and I am once again aiming to get free shit™ by doing what I already do the entire year: Pushing jank code to GitHub.

This year, I'm putting out a hot new LANraragi release for you to hack on all month. (It's got downloaders!)

Give me them sweet rewards

Any PR merged to the LRR repo (or Karen or even Stylophone if you're weird I don't really care) is eligible to receive the now classic LRR sticker set:

rare photography of LRR stickers in their natural habitat

And until stocks run out(probably sometime in 2025), I'll also throw in this new cool holographic sticker to celebrate 5 years of LANraragi.
The repo started in 2014 so we're already a bit past the 5-year mark I want my time back

three trillion hours in paint 3D

What to do tho

Using feedback from the last user survey, I've opened a fair bit of Hacktoberfest issues to give would-be contributors ideas.
Although you can really contribute on anything you want! Even something as simple as documentation improvements would be welcome.

Just like last year, the stickers are also available to anyone who pledges $5+ on GitHub Sponsors or Ko-Fi.

If you did one of the above, you can go to the following form to give me a mail address to ship the stuff to.

I can't believe you're still using a nonfree solution like office forms my dude it's 2020