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I made a Pebble watchface

The Rebble Hackathon #001 happened this weekend, so it was a nice opportunity to finally dig into the Pebble SDK and try and make something for my favorite dead smartwatch.

I always wanted to make a watchface of some form, but design ideas are pretty tough to come by! I ended up going for a recreation of this 90's design for a promotional MacOS watch I find cool.

Copland Watchface for Pebble

It's called "Copland", after the 1995 failed Apple OS. (Thought it was funny to call a face for a dead watch after a dead OS, sue me)

You can grab it on the Rebble Appstore here!

There aren't many watchfaces with a seconds hand since that drains battery quite a bit faster; I added it because it's cool, but being able to disable it will certainly come in a future update. 😅

Copland on Pebble Time and Time Round

I also wanted to add a PDC vector image to the top of the watchface and went with the C SDK as a result (The JS one didn't get to support them before Pebble died), so that'd also be a nice thing to add.

And apart from that ehh, maybe being able to set custom colors for the hands and a custom font for that date at the bottom? We'll see about that next time.