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Original Game Drop: Funtography

As mentioned in that previous post, the SAGE Double Donk is real!

I'm anxiously excited to release Funtography: A Gameboy Cameradventure, an actual *gulp* original video game.
The SAGE trailer is a pretty cool wallpaper ngl - but you can change it if you want!

Check it out at SAGE 2023! ... Or if that's more your speed.

In this 2h-long (1h if ur quick...) adventure game, enjoy looking at 100+ Gameboy Camera pictures as you explore various urban vistas to solve the mystery of a missing video game prototype.
No vidcon at tubcon.
- Four endings!
- Built-in developer commentary!
- Unlockable soundtrack!
- Bonus fake operating system!

It's got it all!

i touch on this in the commentary but it's crazy how fast everyone forgot about this olive oil coffee fiasco. hi /agdg/!
I hope you will consider taking a look at it in the midst of all the good-ass games releasing at SAGE.


The concept behind this game, Visual novel that uses Gameboy Camera photos with varying palette and borders for extra context isn't really new* - I tried building this thing close to 10 years ago already.
"Catastrophic project which will likely never get finished", dated 2014 -- past me been real quiet since this dropped
I had a nice homegrown C++ engine with a barebones scripting system and all, ready to support the story... Then the major blocker happened:

"what kind of story should I even write, what the shit?"

old shaftboy engine prototype screenshot - you can see that TV photo in the final game nowadays at last..

Humans are natural story-tellers. Our brains are wired for storytelling, both in our enjoyment of experiencing stories, and our ability to create them. This fools us into thinking that storytelling is easy, which itโ€™s not.
(Four Failures: 1996-2002)

So I shelved the whole thing, with a bunch of art assets, Gameboy photos and """music""" ready to go.
this screen is from january 2022 god where does the time go
As I was building out this fake operating system that could run self-contained small apps and games, the idea of reviving Funtography kinda came up on its own.

"If a goal for this fake OS game is to have unlockable smaller games within it... Why shouldn't I just reuse all those old assets I already had?"

Then of course it ballooned out of control as I started writing -- The extra engine work and plot outline were made during the lockdowns after bingewatching Twin Peaks**, but most of the writing happened this year after work on DialogueForest*** wrapped up.

Considering the result actually stands out on its own length-wise, I wanted to ship it early, as both a demo of the existing fake OS#...and hopefully something compelling enough on its own.

Since I'm not really a pro writer, I thought the best I could do would be to make it as earnest/genuine as I could -- Even if it ends up being a bit corny, I hope it at least makes for something more engaging than a ebin ironic story would be.

At least, I can pretty confidently say it's unique...Which is something I did mention wanting to do.
And it does feel nice to have realized an old concept from years past! I am cringe but I am free.

* Or original for that matter -- Check out Pocket Puppet if you want more Cameradventure! It even works on real hardware.
** You can certainly see the influences in the final product - Not as much as I was expecting tho
*** Which of course, I did not use while writing Funtography... I relied on VIDE Dialogues for Unity instead as that allowed me to integrate the SFX/palette/border changes better. Still ended up a mess
# Slated for release 2035.. I want to keep working on the larger game but I feel some respite knowing that even if I give up on it now, at least some portion of it will have been used.