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Converting a Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 to run off USB

The recent LTT video about converting battery-powered smart appliances to run on wired power instead reminded me that I did something similar recently for my Mi Humidity sensor because I'm too cheap to buy a coin cell every year.
A happy Mi monitor getting its current from USB
Except that I don't care about going even jankier than a usual LTT video would, so I just used my old pal the voltage divider.

Since the Mi monitor takes a classic CR2032, you should normally adjust to give it 3V -- But I noticed the monitor ran just fine on 2.5V, so it's easier to use the same resistor on both sides of the divider to slash the voltage by half.
A jank-in-progress montage of the monitor having wires taped to its contacts
Using stronger resistors will reduce the current going through your divider, so you'll want to try various ohm values* to get a current that'll still let that lil' appliance do its job.

It's quite convenient if you have some of those newfangled wall plugs that have a USB port included! The first resistor does get a tiny bit warm though. :^)

* I use to calculate my voltage dividers, but that tool doesn't give you amperage calculations. I can't remember which resistor value I used I'm sorry