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A most fast-fooded Christmas

We're back with more McDonald's games at Christmas SAGE!
It might not be the ones you wanted though...
Tony Hawk's Sonic McOrigins Plus Christmas

As promised, I used up all my "I got one more in me" energy to give McOrigins the true shitpost sendoff it deserved.

Tony Hawk's Sonic McOrigins Plus Christmas is now available for download at Christmas SAGE! Merry Skatemas!

i'll update the builds later i swear...

Changes include:

  • The ESPN Reskins of the 2004 games, featuring everyone's favorite Sonic characters: Tony Hawk, Vince Carter, and more!
    • The reskins are located as additional versions of the Sonic games they're based on.
  • Selecting a game will now randomly pick one of the variants when they're available
  • Small QoL improvements to the UI
  • A few more new manual scans
  • 32bit Android support in case you are stuck in 2010 my condolences
  • Added Endless Mode -- How long can you withstand the difficulty (or absolute boredom) of maximum speed McDonalds gameplay?

Please enjoy the trailer below as well.

This is not a very large update, but I keep forgetting how time-consuming scanning those LCD games are...
I had a lot of fun making the advertising assets though!
Dissecting an ESPN game
I have a few ideas for one last "ultimate" update, but I don't think I'll get to it before 2025.

Also entirely related but by looking at the #mcdonalds hashtag on social media when writing my promo posts, I found out they're making a spinoff coffee chain with 80's branding?
I never thought I'd see the day where McD's corporate design would stop being soulless...
The name for the new brand comes from a McDonaldland mascot, an alien from outer space that craves its food, which appeared in adverts in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
That, or 80s revival is so trendy now it has become the soulless thing... But look at those sparkles god damn