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Sonic McOrigins Plus at SAGE 2023!

The Sonic McOrigins timeline

Check here for the latest McOrigins-related post (and download links 🍟)

Is 2023 the year of the LCD game revival? If Lucas Pope is any indication, it might just be.
Last year's Sonic McOrigins release was quite loved and people keep covering it, but it was incomplete in a few ways.

Most notably, it was missing a few games and manuals...
The internet's hunger* for Shadow Basketball could not be contained any longer.
Hero image for "Sonic McOrigins Plus", the v2 release of my LCD game simulator. The photo shows a Sonic-themed Happy Meal Box lying on its side with a lot of LCD games pouring out from it, including an Android phone running the simulator. The tagline at the bottom is styled like 2000s Happy Meal adverts and says "to be this good takes ages", alongside some era-appropriate OS logos for Win/Mac/Linux/Android. The sticker on the top left of the photo is the Sonic Boom "Inspired by the video games!" meme, which I totally didn't put there to hide my dodgy photoshop skills hahaha....

Sonic McOrigins Plus** is now available for download at SAGE 2023!

And this time around as well.

Changes since the original release include:

  • Mouse/touch support for handling the games
  • Added missing games for a total of 20: Shadow Hockey, Amy/Rouge Volleyball and Shadow Basketball
  • Layout improvements with some more OG McDonald's assets***
  • Updated manual scans for Knuckles' Treasure Hunt and AiAi Banana Catch
  • An Android port

Please enjoy the trailer below as well.

What's next?

On the short term?

Nothing! I'm gonna go play some vidya james at SAGE and so should you.

If you'd be interested in something not-Sonic related from me, maybe you'd fancy looking at Funtography, my GB Cameradventure game? It's also at SAGE!

Regarding the McOrigins project itself...

  • I'm not doing any other Sonic LCD games - Leave that to the pros!

  • An iOS port is unlikely since Avalonia doesn't support iOS

  • I'm not doing any other McDonald's LCD games since only Sonic could've motivated me to put 2 years of work into this

    • The code is all there and free for the taking though, so if you want to simulate the Crash or Spyro games for example, it'd be possible to reuse all of it with your own photos/scans/logic.
    • I've documented the process rather extensively at this point and wouldn't mind answering any questions. ✌️
  • One area I might explore would be the ESPN reskins of the 2004 series. It's funnier to me than it has any right to be tbh

    • There should be no logic to rewrite, it's just some more photo/scan work.
  • And of course, work finding the missing instruction manual scans continues.

All the hubbub around Apple's visionOS kinda makes me want to look at making a VR/3D version?
I've talked about emuVR before as an example, it'd be funny to have the games available as VRChat props or some stuff like that.

...But I don't have any form of VR rig atm so it's probably not happening. 🤷

* "One thesis of the Read Max newsletter is that a huge portion-- much more than you might imagine--of content produced on the internet [...] is consumed by 12-year-olds."
** I was originally considering Sonic McOrigins Ultimate, Sonic McOrigins DX, or Sonic McOrigins & Knuckles, but Sega went ahead and gave the disappointing DLC treatment to Origins so I didn't really have a choice
*** I considered using the Speedee typeface for the UI but ultimately decided against it -- It's not like that font was in use back when the games released anyway.